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Off-Grid With Kids? These are 10 Steps you Need To Follow

Written by Alberta

Living off-grid offers several advantages, such as freeing yourself from utility bills and allowing you to experience life closer to the earth. However, you may need to make adjustments to succeed in your lifestyle. Doing this with small children requires extra consideration – here Here are 10 tips if you want to live off-grid with your kids.


You have various power options for off-grid living, but you might want to double down if you have kids. Adults can tolerate prolonged power outages, but small children can become more restless in the dark and cold.
It’s wise to hook up a backup generator to a small split heat pump which will keep your cabin lit and toasty if your solar or wind system fails. In some parts of the desert southwest, having an air conditioner can keep you safe from dangerous summer temperatures during the day.

Kids Love Space and Light

The beauty of off-grid living is that you don’t need an electrical connection — say goodbye to skyrocketing monthly utility bills. Your space must be redesigned to let in as much natural light as possible.
A skylight in a child’s bedroom can wake them up in time to do their dawn chores more than a rooster.


You may be a healing herbal vixen, but you can’t fix every “owie” with marigold ointment and a kiss. Be smart though you want to separate yourself from society and provide health insurance for your kids. Doing this to avoid unnecessary delays in care – even if you qualify for Free help, don’t waste time on paperwork when you should be comforting your baby.


Little kids are picky eaters, so keep their taste buds in mind when choosing crops. If your 3-year-old can’t eat enough radishes, plant a bunch.
If you know eggplants can’t stand it, you can avoid future food wars by giving them a little light.

One of the most important rewards of living off-grid comes from teaching your children to be independent. 4 or 5-year-olds can feed small animals and plant seeds. Teens can help with heavier household chores such as farming and plowing.

KIDS Clothing

When the nearest goal is a three-hour drive — in one direction — you can’t pick up a new pair of jeans when one’s waist is ripped open. Kids dress much faster than adults, so save it for growing up. You can pass them on to their future brothers. Even If your family finishes growing, others will thank you for your donation.


Off-grid life lets you dig in the good earth – please don’t deny that your kids are fun. Most people will eat the dirt they deserve, and while you don’t want to encourage that behaviour, your kids won’t die by knocking down raspberries with their dirty fingers.
The things that give other big cities a headache no longer require spotless floors.


Living off-grid does make some activities more dangerous. Propane may be required for cooking, but remember that many suburban people have such grills on their patios. Some animals pose little threat to most adults, but they target helpless young people. You probably don’t need to worry. Strangers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers, but you must be vigilant.


Going the tiny house route, you don’t have a little extra space. Convert the downstairs area into a kitchenette with a kitchen. Use basket hangers to keep your child’s toys off the floor and away from the wrong feet.


Living off-grid can make a full-day trek to a home improvement store.
When choosing items like compost toilets and solar panels, choose quality over the lowest price.
You don’t have to travel with the gang anymore, so you save yourself the hassle, which makes the extra expense well worth it.

Living off-grid with kids does require more consideration. But by following these tips, you can leave the hustle and bustle of civilization behind you.

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